Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Why we should not use the metric system

    There is a lot of countries who use the metric system but some way we just can't switch of to the metric system.  The United States should not switch to the metric system for everyday life and business. It is hard when you bake,and we already know how to drive like this. 
    I think we should not because when you bake it is hard. 1 pound is nicer than 453.59237 grams. 1 gallon is also nicer than the metric system number which is 3.785411784 litters. Our system is a lot nicer in number when it comes to cooking.  The degrees is harder to know too.  350 fahrenheit here is 177 celsis there. I think that is harder to know because 177 is like they chose a random number but for us 350 is nice because insteads of another random number it will be 375 so it is going by 25 not a random number. That is why we should not switch because it hurts the bakers and it also affects drivers.
    It will affect the drivers because they already know how to drive a car like this. Gas prices are lower here than in a lot of other places in the world. I think if we were to switch they will higher it. I think if we change it will chase a lot more accidents unless they know how to convert miles to kilometers. 25mph is 40km/m which is a big difference so people will be a little crazy. It will definitely affect our drivers. 
    Some people say we should change over to the metric system. We should not because the bakers might be affected that your meal might be funky. You will probably get into an accident more often. We might be with the rest of the world but think of your children or future children they could get hurt because of the food or in a car accident. We should not change our ways already. 
    We should not switch over to the metric system. If switch over our bakers will have to deal with bid numbers. Our drivers might get into more accident if we switch. How would you like to bake with big numbers ever were? Would you like to get into more accidents? Probaly not so dont make us switch.

Friday, September 12, 2014

science story

     One warm  cloudy day ,I was in the kitchen with my dad. It was  a couple of days before we pick up Annabel, so my dad subjected  we could make cupcakes. I said "Sure but what kind?". He  looked online and found brownie cupcakes and cookie dough frosting. " Sure "I said because it sounded yummy. "Ok  but I need to get some things want to come?"My dad said quiet enough that may sister did not know. We  went and got a few things. After we went shopping we melted the chocolate. Then made the brownies.  Once we made the brownies we madethe frosting. Then we frostied the cupcakes.  A little later we had them and everyone loved them.